I’m Sav. I'm a recent Bowdoin grad living in Salt Lake City. I am a wild lizard human who enjoys loud music, spicy food, good company, and fresh air. Photography has allowed me to get to know strangers, be a part of their special moments and create a connection rooted in joy and enthusiasm. Mountain peaks, big mama bear hugs, strangers sharing their deepest darkest secrets and breathtaking sunsets all inspire me to live a happier life and spread my love the best I can.
I want to hear your story, I want to know you and collaborate and grow and explore. I want to capture what makes you you and show you how beautiful that is.
Want to join me?
Book a shoot under the contact tab and let’s have an adventure!
Other fun facts about me include:
I’m vegan, and yeah I have to tell you. 
I've been to 43 states
My van's name is Frankie! 
I am truly fueled by sunshine
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